Three Principles Facilitator Training

Training to be a three principles facilitator with Innate Wellbeing can be done in-person or virtually.

It’s a rolling 9 month programme so people jump into the training whenever is convenient for them, although we would recommend at least a month before the retreats in June, October and February

The facilitator training not only gives depth and clarity to one’s understanding of the three principles, but also allows students to articulately and clearly share it with others. It offers a fully comprehensive, certificated training from experienced facilitators who learnt directly from the late Sydney Banks.

The three principles facilitator training is set in a health spa, surrounded by beautiful countryside with stunning contemporary lodges. Why? Because as we ‘switch off’ we often ‘hear’ more!

The training will be learning the three principles as a paradigm.

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Facilitator Training

Facilitator Testimonials

Ann Ross - Facilitator Student

“ I have gone from being burned out and exhausted to creating my own practice helping others. I would never have believed it was possible to feel so alive and vibrant whilst living in a meditative space for much of the time.”

Rich Slater - On-Line Facilitator Student

“It has been the best investment I have ever made in any course (and trust me there has been a lot ) as I am now on a path of transformational change that I have always been searching for. After the first retreat that was blown out of the water as I don't think I could have gained anymore if i'd been there with everyone.”

Rupert Crocket - On-Line Facilitator Student

“Attending the year program has been a life changing event. Any time I need support or need to chat to someone I can contact any mentor at any time. I can progress through the program at a pace that suits me. When I am live streamed at a retreat I feel completely included. I don't feel I have missed out.”

Laurence Knott - Facilitator Student

“ As a therapist and coach I find I am achieving greater impact and results for my clients.”

Tore Skåtun, Norway - Facilitator Student

“Their (Rudi and Jenny) warmth, generosity and continuous support, coupled with their deep connection and insight into this understanding provides for a unique learning experience.”

Annelies de Graaf from Holland - Facilitator Student

“By trusting my intuition I get things done quicker and with more ease. In busy times I feel less stress and keep enjoying the work.”

Retreat Dates for 2017/18

June 15-19th 2017


October 6-10th 2017

February 2018 TBA

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