Retreat Testimonials



Brett ChittyCoach and trainer Brett Chitty
“Their richness, beauty, authenticity, love and grounding provided is so compelling, I left the event finding a new, deeper sense of calm, relaxation and an extraordinary peace of mind which left me feeling grateful, blessed and fortunate to have been part of it.”


jonnyBusiness Consultant Jonny Crebbin
“I’ve almost had an ‘awakening experience’, there is less distraction and more quietness in my mind, and am seeing more because there is less going on in my head, and the best thing is that it is a ‘take away’ that remains with me outside of the retreat.”


kathleenTherapist Kathleen Morison
“Words can’t do it justice, I feel so full of grace and so expansive and I learnt so much in a ‘nonlearning’ way! I used to feel my life was a waste of space, that has utterly changed to the simplicity, ease and depth of understanding of this. I feel the truth of the saying ‘this has given me back my life.'”


annInternational facilitator and speaker Ann Ross
“There are many 3 Principles trainers in the U.K. but I chose Rudi and Jenny because of their integrity, kindness and embodiment of the love that they are. They have a deep understanding and share it congruently in a natural and effortless way. The venue is 5 star and absolutely gorgeous, I got so much out of the retreat, words don’t do it justice!”


paulMedical Doctor and Homeopath Paul Chohan
“I am lost for words, I feel totally blown away, others are saying that too, you feel this all over your being, the feeling inside, the glow, contentment and it’s all encompassing. I tell my patents and colleagues about this because this is so transforming.”


michelleYoga teacher Michelle Murphy
“It opened up the heart in me and it’s kind of like magic where a tsunami comes in and changes your blocked thinking, it has offered me newfound hope, and ‘knowing’ that i’m ok its unbelievable, such a gift, such a gift.”


nickIntegral Psychologist Nickolas Hedlund
“I originally came with a lot of ‘heavy thinking’ and now there is a lightness and a peace I feel more in touch with, the veil is more translucent, and the quality of love. It’s been amazing and the perfect place for me right now.”


erikaCoach Erika Lewis
“It’s very relaxed and authentic, a virtual embodiment that has enabled everyone to go deeper because of that sense of authenticity and honesty.”



katrinaCoach Katrina Bygrave
“My mind is so quiet, and I couldn’t have been in a group and felt so utterly comfortable! The connection I feel with others, the quietness and contentment I feel I know will stay with me after the retreat.”


Coach and Trainer Lian Brook Tyler
“Witnessing other people’s lives literally transform and transform in the absolute sense of it has been utterly amazing. Science is looking for constants and this is one of those constants.”




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