Three Principles Facilitator Training


Training to be a three principles facilitator with innate wellbeing can be done in-person or virtually. It is a rolling 9 month programme so people jump into the training whenever is convenient for them, although we would recommend at least a month before the retreats in June, October and February

The immersion retreats offer exposure to this understanding from some of the world's most respected three principles facilitators who learnt directly from the late Sydney Banks.

On-line Facilitator Training - Full Details

The facilitator training is for those who wish to not only embody the understanding more within their own lives, but be able to articulately and clearly share the logic and wisdom of the three principles single paradigm to others. Whether that’s as a coach, therapist or specific populations like businesses or addiction groups.

The Innate Wellbeing syllabus offers a number of options to train as a facilitator depending on your time, finances and commitment. We offer in-person and on-line facilitator training. Please click here for the on-line training. This syllabus will be exactly the same for the on-line facilitator trainees as the in-person facilitator training.

The syllabus required attendees to accumulate 350 credits to receive a certificate of completion as a three principles facilitator.

Facilitator Training Fees

Shared lodge room £7500 Plus VAT

Order before 20th June to get the training for £5995 (plus VAT)

Facilitator Student transformations


We fundamentally deepen and give clarity on the understanding so the students don’t just ‘talk’ about the three principles but are coming from more of an authentic, heart-based embodiment of what they are talking about! These are some videos of just a few of the student facilitator transformations

Laurence Knott image“As a therapist and coach I find I am achieving greater impact and results for my clients with far less on my mind and a sense of creativity and possibility that makes even my most challenging clients a joy to work with! Rudi and Jenny have transformed the way I experience my life. I experience more love, joy and creativity than I imagined, and the beauty is that it feels effortless.”

Laurence Knott, Transformational coach and trainer

Kari Skatun image“My life has become more meaningful and it has given me a new direction in life. I am less tense and frustrated, and I am living my life with much more ease and contentment. I enjoy life more! This is one of the best things I have chosen to do and I am forever grateful.”

Kari Skåtun, Norway

Annelies de Graaf“By trusting my intuition I get things done quicker and with more ease. In busy times I feel less stress and keep enjoying the work.”

Annelies de Graaf from Holland

Consultant environmental policy and strategy planning


Ann Ross

“ I have gone from being burned out and exhausted to creating my own practice helping others. I would never have believed it was possible to feel so alive and vibrant whilst living in a meditative space for much of the time.”

Ann Ross – International facilitator, coach and public speaker


Tore Skatun“Their (Rudi and Jenny) warmth, generosity and continuous support, coupled with their deep connection and insight into this understanding provides for a unique learning experience.”

Tore Skåtun, Norway Humanitarian


“I came across this understanding in 2003 and have been specifically training facilitators as a single paradigm since 2013. I have had the pleasure of working with populations ranging from corporate executives to Nepali Earthquake survivors. I love being able to help co-evolve with facilitator students and develop heart-lead, authentic facilitators to be of service in the world.” Rudi Kennard

Aims of the programme:

1) Deepen and simplify your understanding of the Principles

The programme takes one’s understanding of the principles from the head to the heart to ‘embody’ it more within one’s own life.

2) Articulately and authentically talk to others

Allows you to be in a space where the words find you, so that you can not only confidently talk to others but also transfer a feeling of deep authenticity and connection.

3) Remove unproductive thinking habits

The clarity to see beyond disempowering personal thinking towards the impersonal nature of thought allowing a natural trust and ease in life and the capacity to follow inspirational thinking.

4) Help your business

Practical help and support around ‘how’ to promote your business, attract clients, get visible, and truly be of service to others via inspirational acts rather than fear-based thinking.

5) Practical experience facilitating to others

From one to ones to group talks, we help you get the experience you need and help set up talks for you to co-facilitate with us and by yourself (this option is voluntary).

Outcomes of Training with us

  • Present to small and large groups
  • Deliver principle-based programmes
  • Work with one to one clients
  • Talk to many different populations (business, schools, addiction etc)
  • Uncover your own ‘way’ of sharing (not someone else’s)
  • Be given resources to create a successful principles-based business

These videos share what others are saying about the facilitator training,  the experience of the innate wellbeing retreats, and answers may questions like:

  • Why come to the retreats?
  • What’s the experience of attending a retreat?
  • What will you ‘learn’?
  • Whats the location and facilities like?
  • What are the facilitators of the training like?
Also there is a video of a graduate facilitator (Annelies De-Graaf, from Holland) talking to the group, to give you an idea of one’s ‘grounding’ after successful completion of the course.

2017/18 Retreat Dates

June 15-20th 2017

October 5-10th 2017

February 2018 TBA

  • 3 x five day retreats
  • 9 x one to one mentoring sessions
  • Access to the videos of the retreat classes
  • 9 live ‘grounding’ webinars
  • 9 live ‘facilitator’ webinars
  • Access to videos of facilitators giving one to ones with clients
  • A comprehensive on-line training programme
  • Practical experience facilitating groups
  • Practical help with social networking, websites and video
  • Certificate of completion

  • Using video on your personal site – how to capture it, upload it, edit it, get it visible and put it on your site.
  • ‘Wording’ for Three Principle promotion
  • Working with clients on a one to one basis
  • Working with groups
  • Marketing yourself, getting visible and being authentic

  • Classroom presentations
  • Group insight led discussions
  • Virtual connections with international facilitiators
  • Time for reflections, walks, relaxing and having fun!


  • The full 9 month facilitation programme is £7500 (plus VAT) inclusive of a shared room for all the retreats.

For our current special offers and discounts – please check our special offers page

What happens when I sign up?

1) You will be sent a welcome email with access codes to the Innate Wellbeing members area.

1.1) You will be sent a link to download the student welcome pack with more info, and the course syllabus and literature.

2) You will receive an email from a mentor who will organize a suitable time to talk to go over the training with you and any technical help you may need to access the training

3) You will be sent a time and date for the first ʻwelcomeʼ webinar to go over the training, and virtually meet the other students

4) You will have your first one to one with a mentor in preparation for the upcoming first retreat.

5) You will be given instructions as to how to live stream in (if you are virtually attending) or a link to an online brochure if you are physically attending the first retreat.

6) After the first retreat you will then have a monthly one to one, a facilitator webinar a student connection webinar, and continued access to all the resources including business masterclasses (for those wishing to make a business out of their understanding) and access to previous students on the ʻgraduate programmeʼ who will be giving webinars as part of their development

7) Upon successful graduation of the facilitator programme, if you wished to continue developing you can join the graduate or apprenticeship programmes.

Student Support

1) Throughout the programme our student co-ordinator will check in with you every month to offer support and see how you are doing.

2) You will get a monthly one to one with an Innate Wellbeing mentor

3) There will be monthly student connections webinar

4) We encourage you to ʻʻpair upʼ with another student you resonate with to help support and encourage one another

5) There is a free webinar account where student facilitators can create their own groups and meetings to connect further with one another and/or practice facilitating!

Immersion Retreat Faculty

Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe
Dr Keith Bleven and Valda Monroe

Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe

Keith and Valda had a close relationship with the late Sydney Banks and were given his last book to finish and publish.

They both have a stunning understanding of the three principles as a paradigm.

Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey

Joe Bailey

Joe is a psychologist and best selling author of five books including ʻSlowing down to the speed of lifeʼ he co-wrote with Richard Carlson. He has appeared on many network news channels and has presented internationally

Rudi Kennard
Rudi Kennard

Rudi Kennard

Rudi originally trained with Dr Roger Mills and Sydney Banks and has given training in over a dozen countries to numerous populations from addiction centres and jail inmates to school children and crisis victims.

Jenny Anderson
Jenny Anderson

Jenny Anderson

Jenny originally trained with Dr Roger Mills and Sydney Banks and has given training in over a dozen countries to numerous populations from addiction centres and jail inmates to school children and crisis victims.

Tanya Kennard
Tanya Kennard

Tanya Kennard

Tanyaʻs mental health professional background helped her serve populations within the mental health arena and now she trains leaders, corporate executives and the business community.,

More about your trainers

Mandy Spray image“Life just became easier and more effortless, in all areas of my life. I started to open up to the possibility that life could really be light, fun and actually full of love. I found it easier to make decisions, I worried less, I panicked less, and started to laugh more. You have more confidence in sharing your own understanding in your own way, something that I find invaluable. You are not told what to do or how to do it, but rather you are supported to find your own voice and in your own way.”

Mandy Spray, Coach and trainer


How does it work?

Once you sign up you will be sent an email with login details to the members area, where you can access:

  1. Filmed footage from the immersion retreats
  2. Recorded course Webinars
  3. Facilitator Resources (videos specifically around facilitation)
  4. Calendar of upcoming events and webinars
  5. A ‘book one to one’ link that allows you to book in your mentoring sessions with Rudi and Jenny

Every month participants will have a live webinar with an international facilitator, a one to one with a mentor (on most months) and a ‘connectionʼ webinar which is a chance to connect and share insights with other on-line facilitator students.

Every four months you will attend an ‘immersion retreat’. These are a five day immersion into this understanding at a 4 star health and country hotel/spa.

Can I join the programme from abroad?

Yes! We are in collaboration with many facilitators across Europe and America, so we can link you to a suitable mentor from your country that speaks your language or is within your time zone.

Who will present webinars and give the mentoring?

Generally speaking international facilitators like Dr Dicken Bettinger, Dr Keith Blevens, Elsie Spittle and Rudi and Jenny Kennard will be giving the webinars. The one to one mentoring and hosting the ʻconnectionʼ webinars will be with Innate Wellbeingʼs team of mentors including Rudi and Jenny Kennard and once people enrol they can choose to see specific people, a combination of different team members or connect with a mentor from their own country. This can be decided in the initial ʻset upʼ conversation at the start of enrolment

When does the on-line facilitator programme start?

The programme starts whenever you would like to join, as it is a ʻrollingʼ programme.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! There are a number of options for payments when you book to make the trainings more manageable.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you get a certificate of completion as a principle based facilitator once you have completed the required number of credits.

If I miss a webinar or any of the trainings can I watch them later?

Yes, they are all recorded so participants can view them after the event

Can I download the audios?

Yes, all trainings and webinars have an accompanying audio that participants can download.

Will I be able to facilitate the three principles after the course

This course gives a lot of on-line resources, live trainings, one to one attention and exposure to some of the worlds clearest principle-based facilitators. The combination of all of these resources creates not only ʻembodiedʼ practitioners but also the voice, vocabulary and depth to share a principle-based approach with others. All our previous facilitator students are now sharing the understanding within their own private practice or to groups of people.

Will I learn a way of facilitating?

Yes and no! The combination of teachers will give exposure to ʻdifferent waysʼ of facilitating, but the course is aimed at uncovering your own ʻwayʼ via your own experience, words and uniqueness. We aim not to give you a voice to share, but uncover and support your own voice.

Full details of coaching, mentoring and intensives for individuals and couples.
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We offer a wide range of Principles trainings, events and retreat recordings to purchase.
5 Day Immersion Retreats in East Anglia, UK. Upcoming dates:  June, October 2016

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