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Laurence Knott imageParticipating in the facilitator training has helped open up a world of possibility in all facets of my life. Having attended two retreats and participated in group webinars and one to one mentoring, the biggest changes I have experienced in my life are in how I deal with challenging circumstances. I feel calmer, more at peace and open. I feel more able to find solutions more easily and more effortlessly connect with other people. As a trained therapist I already felt that I had a good grasp of how the mind works and a strong degree of selfawareness.

However learning the Three Principles of how the mind really works with Rudi and Jenny has transformed the way I experience my life. I experience more love, joy and creativity than I imagined, and the beauty is that it feels effortless.

As a therapist and coach I find I am achieving greater impact and results for my clients. The key change has been in how I connect with my clients. I now go into session with new or existing clients with far less on my mind and a sense of creativity and possibility that makes even my most challenging clients a joy to work with. The retreats that Rudi and Jenny hosted and co-facilitated with the likes of Dicken Bettinger and Keith Blevens I can honestly say were life changing for me. It is fantastic that I have ongoing access to the recordings of these retreats and group webinars.

I have happily recommended all of the products and services that Rudi and Jenny run and deliver. Rudi and Jenny are so welcoming and open. Thinking of the time spent in the lodges on the retreats, and the amazing atmosphere that Rudi and Jenny created and held, brings a smile to my face and the desire to return again for future retreats. It is a testimony to them both that the powerful connection and genuine feeling in the room between participants is something that I will always have. As I deepen my grounding and further develop my own approach to sharing the Principles with my friends, family and clients I am excited at how this simple but profound understanding will continue to transform my life. I look forward to spending time and working with Rudi and Jenny for many years to come, who I see as leaders and pioneers among the current generation of people inspired by the life and work of Syd Banks.

Laurence Knott

Transformative Coach & Therapist



Tore SkatunI would like to give a big thanks to Rudi and Jenny for creating this program. It has been an immensely rich experience of immersion into the three principles and the understanding behind them, gradually bringing me in touch with my inner wellbeing and my own wisdom. Their warmth, generosity and continuous support, coupled with their deep connection and insight into this understanding provides for a unique learning experience.

I also love this format where we spend 5 days in a beautiful setting in the English countryside, with ample time to reflect and interact, as well as enjoy the surroundings between sessions. I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to see profound shifts in their life and work situations.

Tore Skåtun, Norway




Rupert CrockettAttending the year long Facilitator Training has had a big impact on my life. How I see life and my thoughts is slowly starting to change. Although I still get caught up in thought, I am now able to distinguish between thoughts which I want to own and thoughts which don’t serve me well. I used to believe the negative mental chatter that goes on in my head and to a large extent has shaped my world, now that I am slowly starting to doubt these negative opinions which revolve disappear then reappear. In short I am starting to take what I think not so seriously. Allowing these habitual thoughts to drift away is then allowing my being to experience more spacious moments where I can allow my wisdom to surface and guide me. I am learning that I can mess up and that’s ok, I am learning that any thought I have is just a thought and will change, I am learning that my thoughts are merely like the changeable weather, they come and go..

Since deepening my understanding with the three principles this is having a changing effect with the way I work with people, I am a body worker and I have been aware that to a large extent people’s thought systems has a direct response with tension being held within the body. I used to be solely hands on but these days simply talking to people about how we think seems to have a more authentic and resolving effect with the problems they initially come with. I have realised two important factors when working with clients.

1. To get myself out of the way, e.g. not judging analysing or have expectations.

2. That the client has all the answers within them.

I would recommend the program to others because the resources offered are priceless, every resource is a gem stone waiting to be uncovered. Because this program very simply, clearly, and in an authentic way explains the nature of thought and how we think.

Rudi and Jenny are amazing people! They have a grounded experience in the way they teach, they are honest and down to earth, they say how it is to them. Their dedication to the three principles and getting the message out there is humbling.

Attending the year program has been a life changing event. Due to family circumstances I would not have been able to attend physically. I don’t feel I have missed out. I am able to listen to the program and all the resources offered at a time that suits me, I can take time out, pause the program, reflect and carry on at any time. Any time I need support or need to chat to someone I can contact any mentor at any time. I can progress through the program at a pace that suits me.

When I am live streamed at a retreat I feel completely included. I don’t feel I have missed out.

The last thing I would like to add is a big thank you to innate wellbeing.

Rupert Crocket

Bodyworker and on-line attendee



Rich Slater1. What impact has it had on your life? Behaviour changes etc.

The biggest impact on my life has been the way i’m showing up in my relationship with my girlfriend… not analysing my relationship to death and seeing it as just thinking in the moment… has allowed me to free up much more time to actually enjoying it… especially starting to see that that the other person doesn’t have to think like me has been highly beneficial.

2. What impact it has had on your work life?

I’ve managed to have the odd day where i can see that the job i’m doing has no control over my feeling and turned around bad days into much more positive ones… I’ve also noticed that now and again I can have much more compassion for extremely difficult people… seeing that they are just under the illusion that their thinking comes from something other than thinking in the moment.

3. Why would you recommend it others?

Because simply it has been the best investment I have ever made in any course (and trust me there has been a lot) as I am now on a path of transformational change that I have always been searching for.

4. What are Rudi and Jenny like as facilitators/people?

What I really love about these two special people is the way they are coming from a really authentic, genuine, honest place… their openness to their human side comes across as showing their real self. These qualities along with the fact their understanding of the principles has deepened so much in the last couple of years and their unstoppable passion for genuinely caring and wanting to be of service has given me not one shred of doubt they are perfect match with helping me along my journey.

5. How has it been attending virtually?

At the start I had some thoughts about whether I would get as much out of it being virtually rather than in person but after the first retreat that was blown out of the water as I don’t think I could have gained anymore if i’d been there with everyone, this was probably helped by the fact everybody went out of their way to make you feel included.

Rich Slater

On-line facilitator student




Mandy Spray imageWhat impact has it had on your life? Behaviour changes etc.

As my understanding during the year long program deepened, life just became easier and more effortless, in all areas of my life. I hadn’t realised how serious I had become; as a parent, a partner, a work colleague, in fact everywhere! I started to open up to the possibility that life could really be light, fun and actually full of love. I found it easier to make decisions, I worried less, I panicked less, and started to laugh more! Knowing that I had absolute and infinite wellbeing at all times and that in that state I was connected to everyone and everything delivered a hope that was new, powerful and life changing. It brought hope.

Why would you recommend it others?

So many reasons! The year long programme allows you to settle into a new understanding that has you delighting in life. Support is there throughout the year whether at the retreats, attending on-line, the webinars or one to ones. The Innate Wellbeing team is made up of experienced and loving mentors and facilitators who just want the best for you. The deepening of this understanding over the year enables you to have more confidence in sharing your own understanding in your own way, something that I find invaluable. You are not told what to do or how to do it, but rather you are supported to find your own voice and in your own way. The support and connection with other course participants is lovely as you are all going through the same journey and often have the same questions and stories to tell – this creates a sense of family which is great during periods of transition.

What are Rudi and Jenny like as facilitators/people?

Rudi and Jen are fabulous human beings and both have a unique way of creating a space where you feel safe, supported and loved. They do not present themselves as experts there to teach and tell, but rather as facilitators – sharing their experience and understanding in a way that supports you to gain your own. On a one to one basis as well as in the groups Rudi and Jen are kind, compassionate and deeply loving, always available to point us back to our humanness. They are also really good fun, with quirky and goofy humour that is infectious and encourages everyone to relax and go with the flow. I count Jenny and Rudi as two of my closest friends and would recommend anyone to consider travelling on the Innate Wellbeing journey with them – you won’t regret it!

What are the Lodges and surroundings like?

In a word – gorgeous! There is plenty of space both inside and out to either spend time alone, or spend time with others. The lodges are spacious and really comfortable, with everything you need to feel at home. There is an atmosphere around the lodges, the meeting room and the outside space that is very special.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just that I can truly say that getting to know Jenny and Rudi and being on the year long programme with them has been one of the best things I have done! I am constantly pointing others in their direction because I know that everyone who spends time with them feels so good!

Mandy Spray

Coach and trainer




Kari Skatun imageI have enjoyed the facilitator training immensely. My heartfelt thanks to you both Rudi and Jenny for sharing from your warm hearts and your wisdom. For me it has been a wonderful year full of new learning and insights far beyond my expectations. Through a deeper understanding of the 3 principles my life has become more meaningful and it has given me a new direction in life. I am less tense and frustrated, and I am living my life with much more ease and contentment. I enjoy life more!

This is one of the best things I have chosen to do and I am forever grateful.

Kari Skåtun, Norway




annI am experiencing deep gratitude and contentment most of the time. The Principles revealed in action have uncovered a grounded sense of well-being and deeper, more powerful feeling of freedom and rest available to me. My circumstances have changed, sometimes in miraculous ways and I have experienced profound insights in both my work and personal life.

I have gone from being burned out and exhausted to creating my own practice helping others. I would never have believed it was possible to feel so alive and vibrant whilst living in a meditative space for much of the time. I feel more loving, quiet and calm and would highly recommend that anybody seeking inner peace look towards this simple Truth about how we function as human beings.

Rudi and Jenny radiate love, compassion and joy throughout their courses and retreats. They have shown me how to live more in the moment, in a non-judgmental way and are excellent in their sharing of the new paradigm in psychology. My greatest joy is that there are no techniques or processes. No need to EVER explore my past history!

There are many teachers of the Principles in the UK but I chose Rudi and Jenny because of their integrity, approach and loving kindness which is ever-present.

The lodges are beautiful, 5 star accommodation, with well equipped kitchens, bathrooms and living area. The surrounding area has beautiful walks and really good food at the golf club. Best of all are the swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. If you can make time for a relaxing and luxurious massage whilst on a retreat it is the cherry on the top of a magical experience!

Ann Ross

International facilitator, coach and public speaker



Annelies de GraafWhat impact has it had on your life? Behaviour changes etc.

I experience much more love and connection, as well with my husband and kids as in other relations. Taking decisions – which was always rather difficult – has become much easier now that I trust on intuition rather than my intellectual mind. Without trying, I noticed that I do much less reflecting on past situations and conversations than I used to do. This has brought much more peace and quietness in my mind.

What impact it has had on your work life?

By trusting my intuition I get things done quicker and with more ease. In busy times I feel less stress and keep enjoying the work. Not having too much on my own mind makes it easier to be open minded to the people I work with, which is very beneficial in the policy processes that I support.

While continuing my business on a normal level, I started coaching and doing workshops on a small scale, to share the understanding of the principles. I am very curious where this path will lead me further in the future.

Why would you recommend it others?

The support that Rudi and Jenny and their team give during the retreats, webinars and one to ones is an enormous help to deepen my grounding in the principles.

What are Rudi and Jenny like as facilitators/people?

Jenny and Rudi are great teachers, as well as very loving and compassionate people. They have a very rich understanding of how the Principles work in our lives. There is enormous richness in the way they share their insights. They share very openly how the principles work out in the day to day small things of life. But they are also able to point us to the spiritual truth of existence.

What are the Lodges and surroundings like?

The beautiful comfortable lodges, the walks in green surroundings and the excellent hotel facilities make me feel as if I am on a holiday during the retreats.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you Rudi and Jenny for the wonderful work that you are doing!

Annelies de Graaf

 Consultant environmental policy and strategy planning

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