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Innate Wellbeing is a VAT registered limited company. We specialise in offering three principles paradigm trainings at our bases in the U.K. and New Zealand, but also run programs internationally.

Michael Neill - Author and Radio Host

“He practices what he preaches, and you will feel his loving presence and wisdom in every course he presents!'

Jack Pransky - Author and psychologist

“He emanates love. He sees very deeply and truly cares about others.”

Dr. Judith Sedgemen - Three Principles facilitator

"Spending time with him is inspiring as he makes the logic of the Principles accessible and meaningful"

Jamie Smart - Author of the #1 bestselling book, Clarity

“He sees the inside-out nature of life with amazing simplicity, clarity and depth of understanding.”

Meet the team

Rudi Kennard
UK Director
After spontaneously experiencing a profound shift in consciousness 22 years ago, Rudi ‘searched’ to explain this insight with others so trained in many mind technologies including NLP and hypnotherapy, then went on to teach Chi Gong and mindfulness meditation.
Thirteen years ago he came across the three principles and trained with the originator Sydney Banks and it’s pioneer Dr Roger Mills. Rudi spent over three years full time voluntarily creating web site as a free resource for the world, and now trains facilitator in the understanding internationally. Rudi has written for magazines, spoken on the radio, and trained others in this understanding within the fields of addiction, business, education, to prison and jail inmates, and more recently with earthquake survivors in Nepal. Rudi is currently writing a book and filming a worldwide cinematic documentary on the three principles paradigm.
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Jenny Anderson
Training Facilitator
I attended my first course in 2005 and had a life changing insight that allowed me to move beyond, shyness, depression and eating disorders. This led me to attend the first ʻtrainer of trainersʼ principle-based course in the U.K. with the late Dr Roger Mills and Sydney Banks.
Rudi and I created in an attempt to get the understanding more widely known and this has taken us all over the world filming the impact and results of what happens when people understand the nature of how life works – individuals and communities work a lot better! I have completed a two month internship with Pransky and Associates, training on Salt Spring Island Canada, and a three month internship with a principle-based government division in California, getting experience talking to populations from the homeless to prison inmates! I have had the honour of presenting the principles at international conferences, on radio and TV, and have given trainings in a dozen countries. We recently volunteered for a month sharing the principles to earthquake survivors in Nepal. This has completely changed the way I share the three principles, and has truly shown me the power and truth that they offer. I enjoy working with groups, individuals and people wishing to facilitate to others.
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Mandy Spray
Co-ordinator and Business Manager
Since coming across the Three Principles four years ago I have loved supporting others to gain this understanding as it just makes sense of Life! I have trained with Rudi and Jenny Kennard, have attended many other workshops and talks and am delighted to be a part of the Innate Wellbeing team.
I am passionate about sharing this understanding with anyone, but in particular those working in public services and therapies. I have many years experience of working in health and social services, as well as education, charitable and voluntary organisations, often through running workshops and training sessions as well as one to one mentoring and coaching. I am co-founder of, an organisation set up to share this understanding in education, health and social services.
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Amy Cutbill
Web Manager, Marketing & Technical Support
I started my working life involved in online community development and loved engaging with people, supporting them and championing them to get their voices heard in a big corporate world. I've specialised in social media over the last few years and have a passion to help people, so leapt at the chance to become involved in Innate Wellbeing!
I've experienced the wonderful change that comes from understanding how life really works, and am calmer, happier and enjoying life an awful lot more!
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Ann Ross
Training Facilitator
Before coming across the principles I had been on the leading edge of Energy Psychology and was a keynote speaker at Energy Psychology Conferences in Europe, USA and South Africa and ‘trained the trainers’ internationally. After experiencing burnout and a profound insight 3 years ago, I walked away from a successful practice to learn more about the three principles and trained with Rudi and Jenny Kennard..
and many other leaders in the new paradigm of human potential. Now I have a successful business and run trainings and retreats in Cornwall ( and work closely with Rudi and Jenny mentoring students.
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Peter Anderson
I first trained in the principles seven years ago and found this understanding very helpful in my role as a head teacher. The approach allowed me to navigate ʻdifficultʼ situations with children and parents with more clarity and presence of mind. I have trained in La Conner Washington and have undergone numerous trainings with mentors such as Elsie Spittle, Dr Jack Pransky and the Innate Wellbeing retreats.
As well as mentoring clients through my private practice ʻAnderson Wellbeingʼ I also share the understanding within schools and to teachers and head teachers.
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