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We specialize in three principles paradigm training, retreats, courses, and coaching. We also partner with organisations and charities to train staff and leaders

The Three Principles point towards a pre-existing logic that explains the human experience from the inside out.

A neutral, universal understanding that neutralises one’s ego, re-humanises us and uncovers an ever-present capacity for wellbeing, resilience and peace of mind.

Three Principles Facilitator Training

We offer a year long fully comprehensive three principles as a paradigm training virtually or in-person

The facilitator training offers a ‘quantum leap’ in attendees’ understanding of the three principles, to not only ‘embody’ the understanding, but to articulately and clearly share the understanding to others in an authentic and heartfelt way. The training will be presented from deeply experienced facilitators who learnt directly from the late Sydney Banks.


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Rudi portrair nz

Rudi Kennard, UK Director

We originally trained in the principles 13 years ago with the late Sydney Banks and Dr Roger Mills. Inspired by the principles Rudi spent two years working voluntarily creating the www.threeprinciplesmovies.com web site. We have spoken in over a dozen countries on TV, radio, at international conferences and presented programmes to populations like the homeless, schools, universities, prison and jail inmates, corporations, addiction centres, and, most recently, to earthquake survivors in Nepal and in New Zealand. We now specialize in training others to facilitate the three principles as a paradigm and support graduate facilitators


Jenny Anderson, UK Director

Kilometres travelled sharing the principles

Voluntary hours sharing the principles


Simple truth

“Rudi and Jenny define the word “service”. They are wonderful role models of what they teach. They are two people who truly walk their talk.”

Dr Dicken Bettinger

Psychologist and 3P facilitator

“They practice what they preach, and you will feel their loving presence and wisdom in every course they present!"

Michael Neill

Author and Radio Host

Immersion Retreats

 Join us for a 5 Day Immersion Retreat in ʻConstable country’, a scenic rural area with great walks and beautiful countryside on the Essex/Suffolk border in East Anglia, U.K.

These retreats enable exposure to the Principles in a relaxed and informal way with good company and a friendly community. We all learn from one another as we are all students of this understanding.

Upcoming dates: June and October 2016

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Michael Neill - Author and Radio Host

“They practice what they preach, and you will feel their loving presence and wisdom in every course they present!'

Jack Pransky - Author and psychologist

“They emanate love. They see very deeply. And they truly care about others.”

Dr. Judith Sedgemen - Three Principles facilitator

"Spending time with them is inspiring as they make the logic of the Principles accessible and meaningful"

Jamie Smart - Author of the #1 bestselling book, Clarity

“They see the inside-out nature of life with amazing simplicity, clarity and depth of understanding.”

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